About Us

We have been in international financial services for 30 years and have a great wealth of knowledge of insurances and the expat world.

A valuable expat network
We understand that a support network is vitally important to everyone.

We love to travel, both for business and leisure and having lived in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, We understand the pros and cons of living an expat life. Our goal is to provide you with information, guidance and assistance to help you find the best insurance, treatment options and travel packages that will best suit your individual circumstances.

When we live in our home countries we generally have that network close to hand, be it family, friends or work colleagues. Living abroad can be very difficult to begin with. You may not know any people in your new country, there may be language barriers to overcome and things can feel daunting very quickly.

Our aim is to be an expat resource and part of your support network. We aim to provide advice and guidance ourselves or at least put you in touch with someone who can help if we can’t.

Need help relocating? Unsure what to do when you get there? We’re here for you.